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What does a Marketing Consultant do?

Your business has been up and running for a while now, and all the gears are in place. You have the financing, product development and distribution infrastructures you need to process orders and keep customers happy, and you’ve hired an amazing team. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your partners and employees, and they’ve been with you for a long time, so you trust the feeling is mutual.

There’s just one problem: growth. You provide a decent product or service and your revenue exceeds your costs… but what’s next? Where do you go from here? When everything seems fine, how do you convince your team to depart from the status quo? How do you push them to take seemingly unnecessary risks or fix what isn’t broken? Fresh ideas are great, but you just don’t have them. And your teams, as smart as they are, don’t have them either. Before you either give up and settle into complacency or start demanding something your teams aren’t likely to give you, consider opening the door and bringing in some fresh air…in the form of a marketing strategy consultant. Here’s why:

Consultants are seasoned visitors from the outside world.

You do things your way, because that’s the best—and only—way that you know how to do them. But what if there’s a better way? Consultants have been around the industry and they’ve seen dozens of “ways”. They can help you put your way into perspective. If you’re stuck in a method that’s outdated, inefficient, or just holding you back, you won’t know until someone takes a look under the hood and tells you.

Consultants can take you from A to B.

If your marketing strategy needs an overhaul, knowing that is only half the battle. You still need the other half: developing a clear goal and figuring out how to get from here to there, step by step. Your consultant has been down this road before and can light the way like a guide through the wilderness.

Consultants are problem solvers.

You know you need to boost your digital advertising efforts, but you can’t because…fill in the blank. Whatever happens to be in that blank—the roadblock, lack of knowledge, lack of skill, lack of funds, lack of time, etc, etc—your consultant can find a way over, around, and through it.

Consultants stir things up, in a good way.

Your teams work together seamlessly (maybe), and that’s great. But a new face can add new energy. Bring in a consultant and you’ll challenge your teams to show off, compete, stand up for their ideas or just pick up the pace.

The right consultants bring highly relevant skill sets.

According to a recent study shared by Forbes, the most in-demand skills for independent marketing consultants involve strategy development. 61% of business decision makers chose this category, which includes:

• Growth strategy

• Opportunity assessment

• Product strategy

Vendre Innovations provides expert consulting services in each these areas, plus more. To learn more about the energy, fresh ideas, and growth-driving skill sets we bring to the table, contact the Vendre team today and arrange a consultation.

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