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Outsourced Marketing Leadership: Where Can it Take your Business?

External leadership can take your growing business to the next level without stressing your budget, which is no small issue for companies looking for ways to maximize returns during the liftoff stage. At the beginning, your startup is like a tender sprout: it’s full of promise, but vulnerable to the effects of wind and cold. The future is full of possibility, the present is marked by threats and challenges that may not feel so significant once you’re up on your feet.

It’s during these early stages that companies feel pushed to overspend before they’re ready, specifically on full-time, in-house leadership roles for operations, staffing, IT, and marketing. An in-house marketing executive with meaningful experience and updated expertise—one who can navigate rapidly evolving digital spaces—can cost well over six figures, plus benefits. And for an in-house employee making a full-time commitment, cutting compensation means cutting back on quality and value.

The solution is simple: outsource your marketing leadership to a seasoned professional team. Vendre Solutions can drive your business forward by offering a fractional CMO who steps in when needed and provides targeted insights that knock down obstacles and accelerate growth.

A Vendre fractional CMO brings:

Marketing and Sales Strategy

You know you need to build a sales funnel that starts with high traffic to your site and ends with maximum conversion of visits to sales. But how? How can you target your efforts and resources toward the warmest leads, the most responsive audience, and the most promising areas of potential for your unique product or service? We can help.

Growth Plans Tailored to Your Needs and Resources

You need sales, but you also need growth. Sales provide your primary source of revenue, but you also need to control costs, expand your existing market reach, streamline your production so you can accept more orders, and crack into new segments of your marketplace. A fractional CMO can help you get it done…all of it.

Opportunity Assessment

Before you crack into those new market segments, you’ll have to determine where they are. And before you can explore new growth areas and take new risks, you’ll have to determine which risks are worth the investment and where comparative opportunities can take you.

Your business is only as strong as your product (or service) and placing that product in the hands of the right audience can mean the difference between success and failure. Who are your clients and customers? What do they need the most? How can you hone your offerings to meet those needs, so everyone wins?

Excellent marketing starts with powerful ideas. And powerful ideas are built on a foundation of experience and insight. Trust your marketing program to a true expert, backed by a skilled, professional team. Contact Vendre Innovations and find out how we can help your business grow!


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