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Top 20 Benefits to using Business Intelligence Tools

There are many benefits to using Business Intelligence tools and services Some of these potential benefits include:

Accelerating and improving decision-making

Optimizing internal business processes

Increasing operational efficiency

Driving new revenues

Gaining competitive advantage over business rivals

Identify market trends

Spot business problems that need to be addressed

Employees are empowered to improve the bottom line

Professionals with the right information do their jobs efficiently

Allows you to recognize employee performance data to reward top talent and set the bar high

Data is shared, centralized, and consistent, enabling lasting change from the bottom up

You can clearly outline what it takes to perform well, reducing stressful micro-managing

Employees take accountability for their own success of failures in a transparent climate

Data improves conversations by focusing on facts rather than subjective experiences

The business can test actions repeatedly, in a controlled environment.

Business history is saved to help future predictions

Growth of the company no longer relies on gut


It’s easier to convince business stakeholders of success by allowing them direct access to the data that’s driving the company’s decisions

BI creates a competitive edge over a fiercely competitive global market

Business units have fast, efficient and agile reactions when a disruption occurs

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