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A Key Benefit of Fractional Hiring: Best Practices

Fractional C-suite staffing means calling in external support for critical high-level company roles. A few decades ago, consultants and part time staff were common for positions at almost every level, in almost every industry; temps, contractors, and fractional workers of all kinds held admin, strategy, support, and fulfillment-level roles for short-handed businesses, and the agreement worked well for both parties (worker and company). But this kind of agreement wasn’t very common at the department head or C-suite level.

For major decision-making, companies typically hired full time staff. CMO, CFO, COO, and CIO jobs were discrete and dedicated, on the grounds that only full-time investment implied total commitment and proven expertise. But the 21 st century workplace is evolving quickly, and new digital resources, mobile workforces, and rapid growth have ushered in the era of the fractional executive.

Business owners now recognize the benefits of agility and efficiency, and fractional executives bring plenty of both. They’re there when you need them and gone when you don’t, which means they don’t require massive hiring budgets. But that’s not the only—or even the most important—benefit of a fractional CMO.

Best Practice, Added Value

The greatest value of the CMO relationship comes from the knowledge and experience these experts bring to the highest levels of planning, outreach, branding and project launch. Where do they get that knowledge and experience? From the nature of the fractional role.

CMOs engage with multiple projects across multiple market segments, which means they’ve literally seen it all. They’ve seen countless project failures and successes, done exhaustive research, reviews, and post mortems, and they’ve witnessed first-hand what works and what doesn’t. A fractional CMO is a walking database and compendium of best practices. If you have questions, they have answers!

This kind of broad knowledge base and rich, cross-industry experience simply isn’t possible for full-time marketing pros, since their track records are generally confined to one narrow lane. Don’t get trapped in that same lane, and don’t operate with a limited perspective. Instead, turn to the team at Vendre innovations and you’ll engage with marketing experts who have traveled the world, literally. We understand your goals and we know where you’re going. No matter your destination, we can get your there! Contact our office to learn more.


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