Perfect for small and middle market companies that want to take their business growth to the next level...

Three Strategies That Drive Real, Sustainable and OnGoing Growth in Any Business

Ready to grow? Here's what you'll discover:

Critical factors of operational efficiency success.

The importance of adapting to change and being a growth-driven business.

How to attract and retain the right talent that will push your business forward.

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Learn the same growth secrets used by some of the world’s top brands


This resource is provided by Martin Bispels, founder of Vendre Innovations. His experience spans 25 years in omni-channel sales, eCommerce, direct response, as well as business and corporate development. He spent 17 years at QVC where he led the sales team as Vice President then subsequently led the business and corporate development team for the $6B retailer. 

He's worked with hundreds of entrepreneur, small business owners, middle market companies and inventors to help them achieve sustainable growth and increase revenue.

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