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Concentration Areas for New Jobs: What They Mean for Your Business

Here’s a chart produced in March after the recent jobs report that really caught our attention. At first, these numbers may not seem so exciting. After all, every jobs report shows spikes in some sectors of the market and dips or slow growth in others. But this February report reveals a strong trend that simply isn’t going away, no matter what the near future holds for our national economy:

Professional business services are taking over the working world. The reasons are nuanced, but they’re heavily influenced by the rise of technology affecting tasks that once required human hands. Hundreds of vital tasks, from laying railroads to baking bread to monitoring port traffic, now begin with the development and distribution of software and networks that systemize, streamline, coordinate, deploy, and execute. As machines do the heavy lifting, more humans are required to design, build and maintain the systems that make these tasks possible. Service provision is not the future, it’s the present AND the future.

So, the question for mid-sized business owners is clear: Are you ready? If you’re already connected with a consultant (or team) who can show you the path forward, then the answer is yes. But if not, now is a great time to consider the benefits of a fractional C-suite. Bringing in consultants from outside the company to manage C-level tasks can keep your business agile and help you ride the waves of what will soon become a fully service-based economy. When ideas become our currency, the best ideas, the best strategies and the best system designs will win the day. Specifically, when it comes to your marketing plan.

Fractional Marketing Leadership

Why choose an external or fractional marketing expert to run your program? First, an outside expert can help you cut costs and stay lean by delivering only the support you need. Second, your external marketing pro can illuminate areas of the marketplace you may not be able to see, which can help you better understand your audience, apply new tools, and prepare for the future. Third and most important, your marketing consultant can help you make the most of the service-focused world that lies ahead. Whatever it is you implement, solve, or create for your clients, better information will help you succeed. Contact our office to learn more!


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